Shearer. Shortage.

   A few years ago up to 180 million sheep a year the were shorn without NZ shearers,in Australia. Now down to 70 milllion and trouble getting them shorn.

   It has come about partly because of the poor attitude of wool growers to all shed staff. This was exemplified in Robin Billing, wool grower of Broken Hill, N.S.W.  Submission,one of 660, to The Wool Taskforce,Report to the Wool Industry volume 2, and July 1999,page A3.4. , he is quoted," the current rise in shearer's costs is a disgrace"  His other quote is " No justification for wool classing but wool preparation needs to be improved. ". I never did work out what that meant.

    As usual this report accomplished nothing. 
    Shearing contractors secretary ,  Jason Letchford in The Weekly Times, Jan 6 2021 , presumes difficulties, " as the flock  numbers incrlease". Why will they increase,where are they going to run these extra sheep. The trend in sheep numbers is down.