National Wool Declaration and other wool scams

   The  National Wool Declaration is a nonsense a joke and a con job.  

   1. No one in the world can tell the difference between wool from mulesed  and unmulesed sheep.

   2  All Wool once scoured becomes unmulesed wool.

    3. No manufacturer ever labels a garment as " made from wool from mulesed sheep."

    4  As super fine wool has been sold as Cashmere and Mohair for probably at least a hundred years, at ten to twelve times the value of the fine merino wool. This latest rort is not unexpected.


  12 December 2019 . This ridiculous debate still go's on, when will it end. It is all a scam.  


   I noticed recently a rort or exorbinate  sale of a  Supa King , Warm wool quilt for ,price tag  $699.  450 grams wool per metre ,4.3 kg in all . That is incredible,  anyone in the wool industry knows that the lowest quality wool go's into quilts , stain crutchings, stain pieces, wool from the dag crushed, sweeps, black wool, it doesn't matter.  I guess that's business.