27. Aug, 2019

Wool Preparation, Processors Deceptions

All Wool. Growers and Wool Classers have been misled over the years regarding quality control expected by mills and processors. They have cultivated the myth that they are very particular about all facets of wool preparation for their products. 

Maybe 100 years ago or even 60 they were but not now. There is not a scour in the world that the wool gets more than a cursory glance before it is tipped into the infeed hopper by a forklift.

The Japanese always stressed how particular they were, but even 40 years ago that was a lie. See  " The Wool Sting "

Wool Buyers use terms like."It's for the So and So's they wouldn't know the difference.",  "it's going a long way away, the further the better..:  " It all melts down  in the scour." "It will all average out." To justify anything. 

There must always be something new to instill some fear into the wool producers,  - like mulesing.  There would not be one person in a hundred in Australia who knew what it meant, not one in a thousand world wide. Go into a Butchers shop and ask the Butcher he would know, ask if any of his customers ever ask about mulesing, the answer will be, NO.

Go into a clothing retailer, the staff wouldn't know what mulesing was ,and wouldn't have been asked by customers either.