7. Jul, 2019

Wool Classing The Reasons.

  There are only two reasons for classing a wool clip.

1. To obtain the highest  possible price for the wool grower. The most important reason .   

 2 To make even lines of wool for the maximum appeal to the wool buyers.

  It must be remembered that wool testing has always been a raffle/ gamble, with micron, yeild and vegetable matter, if you get a bad result in all of them you will be slaughtered , so it is best to make the odds in your favor.

 This can be obtained to the satisfaction of all concerned  by a few simple techniques ,to all types of wool,  only limited by your imagination.

 For example in most shearing sheds there is a butt for table locks and one for board locks.  If the table locks happen to go into the press first, a higher yield will result, three per cent or more.

 The opposite to when wool was sold subjectively, every thinking Wool  Classer always put the table locks on the top ,never any complaints.  After all it is still locks. Many Dealers used to blend a few third pieces into the last arm full into the press, didn't do any harm.

..Pieces/skirtings.  Are easily prepared by making two lines, one from the neck end minus seedy jaw pieces,  and the other from the stronger britch end of the fleece. Neck end in press first , britch end last, It is all pieces no complaints there.

 Bellies, it's not hard to make firsts and seconds, firsts into the press first , seconds last. If you need to ask why ,you don't need to know. It's just the best way to sell bellies by objective measurement.

  Fleece wool, class as normal, keep aside finer tender wool, and a few stronger or fatty fleeces .When pressing  a few tender fleeces say 20 kgs on the bottom of bale will make the result slightly finer and a few fatty or stronger fleeces on top won't hurt either. 

 Lambs wool ( to  be continued)