2. Mar, 2019

Super Fine Wool Outlook

  It is very perplexing for fine merino growers to see their product not maintaining a viable margin over medium wool merinos,and other microns.  

  On February 22 2019, the margin between 17 micron and 21 micron was 205  c/ kg clean. Exactly 12 months earlier it was 827 c/ kg clean difference, or another way 17 micron down 196 c/kg and 21 micron up 426 c/kg.

  It is very optimistic and misguided to expect a price rise in super fine merino wool in the near future. With large stocks of tops in Europe of cashmere /merino blends,  super fine merino and mohair/merino blends. All of which are eligible to be sold as cashmere or mohair , without mention of of the blend .

There is no reason for an increase which super fine merino wool growers may expect and deserve.  The cartels that collude to maintain the price of cashmere and mohair, are beyond anyone's control to date.  Maintain exclusiveness is the name of the game. 

  Surely this would be something something for Australian Wool Innovation Wool Innovation to try to do something about. Obviously fine merino wool is as good a fibre as cashmere or mohair.