13. Feb, 2019

Australian Wool Innovation, Robotic Shearing.

   Another $ 10 million or is it $ 17 million to be blown on robotic shearing, a never ending quest by Australian Wool Innovation.

   I believe the whole idea is just to siphon money off to line someone's pockets. 

   The  Chinese have just landed a rocket on the far side of the moon, surely they could knock up a shearing robot in no time.

   Former U.S. vice president  Al Gore,  in his  2013 book, "The Future " on page 193 says China has 284 million sheep and goats. ( that's a surprise).  If they haven't got robotic shearing anything made for that purpose in Australia will be far more expensive than the current shearing method, on many grounds. 

   Who will bring the sheep to the robot ?

   Who will pickup the wool, which will be in a complete mess?

    Who will disengage the sheep from the robot,  and direct it out of the shed?

    There will be no savings, no viable robot, but the money will go, like with the wool portal and other failed schemes.