2. Dec, 2018

AUSTRALIAN WOOL INNOVATION. Which Programs To Continue. In 2019.

   Now that A.W.I.is guaranteed $50 million a year wool levy on top  of other income for the next three years. Let's hope it not wasted as in the past ,on among other things, the the W.S.S.R and Portal.

   No more wasted money on robotic shearing, it will come in time,but will be far more expensive  per sheep than the current rates, --at that time whenever. 

   No need to waste more money on mulesing, many growers in the press say they stopped 10 years ago.

 The latest 2.5$ million promised in early December is more waste.

   Consumers don't care about it as A.W.I.  CEO  Stuart McCullough admitted on ABC Landline recently,  Just complete the mulesing free declaration form and forget about it.

Don't worry about Peta, Just google" Peta Australia, a dishonest and fraudulent organization " , and we may never hear from them again. It is a disgrace that the Federal Government allowed them charity tax free status in 2017 , this should be canceled. Fashion parades and cocktail parties, I have no idea if they work or not.

  One area money should be spent on is a modern method of measuring Wools attributes.  As also advocated by Charles Massy in his book " Breaking the Sheeps Back " in 2011.  The current one has been around for  50years and has always been a lottery/raffle. Micron ok if within 0.4 micron either side, now getting into big money. Yields and V.M. quite often inaccurate,V.M.on some skirtings testing 4% to 7%, when visually they look nearly free and sold that way, subjectively if given the chance.   When Objective and Subjective measurement operated side by side.. The current measuring system is the one that gave many wool growers yields  of 62% on fleece lines 56% on pieces  and 48% on locks, no wonder they got out of wool. I.e. Coolana, and they had heaps of style.

   Objective measurement was the ruination of style, which doesn't really matter,  There is no style in locks and look at the price they bring,  Proves any one who brands wool tender, is mad.

   The only good thing objective measurement accomplished was preventing the weighing 2kg down of growers wool going into many wool merchants stores and 4kg up going out, which could be always blamed on atmospheric conditions if challenged,and" paid for the cartage ".The  second 2kg could still be recovered it was later found.   

   The main reason for Wool Classing is to get the highest possible price for the owner, .

   This was a lot easier when wool was sold subjectively, 95% of bales could be improved by a skilled  Wool Classer, to be this highly skilled one had to have worked in Wool Dealing .

    With selling by objective measurement it became a lot harder,but not impossible to obtain higher prices than those obtained by a basically trained Classer. 

    What is particularly noticeable is that the sheep population of Australia has dropped from 176 million to about 75 million since the introduction of sale by objective measurement, hardly a coincidence.