23. Aug, 2018

Australia Is In Big Trouble. Heading for the Third World.

   Australia has an exceptionely fragile environment, any study would agree, and the future does not look very good.

   With the huge number of imported noxious plants, vermin, feral animals, and excess immigration. Why the stampede to make Australia into a third world country, which is the way it is going.  

    Australia is over populated now according to The Future Eaters by Tim Flannery and Collapse by Jared Diamond,  and many other experts in this area, mostly estimating Australia's sustainable population at about 15 million.

    Our main deficiencies are lack of water and arable land. Most of our native animals are dying out at an alarming rate. All of the smaller insects, reptiles, and birds are disappearing. I don't know anyone under fifty who has seen an Emperor Gum Caterpillar. The European Wasp is definately to blame, they will attack anything small and soft, I have seen them attacking snails ,what hope have baby birds got just out of the egg. There will be almost nothing left in years to come.

   A  smaller immigration policy is needed from third world countries as when they come here and see water flowing from a tap they go berserk. When they are used to carting water from a river or well, and here it flows freely from a tap they waste huge amounts as they decline to use plugs in basins, sinks or troughs.

  Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa must be restricted as Bob Katter suggests,  but I disagree with him on forest clearing. Japan is 74 % covered with forests they will not cut down, they want ours instead.