24. Feb, 2018

Australian Wool Innovation : Should Lift It’s Game.

   Wool Growers lately seem to be quite happy with prices recived,no whinging, but it is no time to be complacent, there is still plenty of upside, if you think about it.    

   Australian Wool Innovation did nothing to bring about these rises. They started the Wool Selling Systems Review three years ago to save costs, “sheeps back to ship”. Despite repeated advice that it would not achieve one cent of savings, they continued with it.

    WoolQ will not achieve higher prices either, A W I is claiming 1c per kg, gain over 15 years, hallelujah. That is a guarantee of a loss.

    All that will achieve higher prices is better more even classing, and an improved auction system.

     1.  All fleece wool must be skirted, unskirted fleece should not be tested. It is unclassed, many people will say the sweat points will scour out. This is NOT true.

      2.  Pieces and bellies must follow the fleece lines on the show floor as traditionally was the case, for obvious reasons.

      3.  The more Wool Buyers the better, the idea of one organisation putting a wool type on a lot and expecting everyone to agree is ridiculous, it cuts out initiative and leads to lower prices.

      4.  Something A W I  should investigate is ways of getting the vast sums of money gained by overseas processors when Super fine wool is blended and sold as Cashmere and Mohair. Which is legal as told in  “ The Wool Sting “. Most super fine locks, and there are many thousands of bales of them per year finish up as Mohair and have for many years, possibly 100 years to huge profits. Cashmere On it’s own cannot meet world demand as a cashmere goat can only grow about 250 -300 grams of super fine fibre per year, so Cashmere stocks can be multiplied many times with the addition of Super fine Australian Wool.

       5   A more modern way of testing wool, yield, and vegetable matter is needed, it has always been a raffle.

      Allthough some 16 micron wool has reached 3000 cents per kg. clean this week. No thanks to the A W I.  It is still only about a quarter the price of Cashmere.

       Again as I always say. Someone has to pay for the Mega Yachts floating around the Mediterranean Sea.