13. Jan, 2018

PETA, On Donkeys and Sheep Mistreatment.

  Eye catching and evocative letter from Desmond Ballamy of PETA Australia, to various news outlet, re Donkeys alleged mistreatment in China, in December 2017.

   With all of their usual standard words and terms of all their campaigns, i.e. Filthy cramped pens, beaten with sticks and bashed with sledgehammers, throats slit, standing in faeces and urine, injured, ill, drinking water dirty and green with algae, vile trade, which appears in all their campaigns with slight variations. 

   All designed to attract donations to PETA which already receives over $US50 million per year.

  We might not know much about Donkeys in China, but PETA has a history of misrepresentation in Australia, and you can be sure world wide 

  Their shearing video of three years ago, with the shearer’s/actors faces pixelated, and PETA refusing to name the alleged nineteen shearing sheds, they claimed they filmed in , despite repeated requests . 

  Because some, if not all, filmed on film sets as can be seen, on original video three quarters of the way through, top left hand corner of screen behind the catching pens, can be seen the inside of a large white marquee/tent, obviously a film set, which PETA could well afford .

    We know several convictions were obtained in the Horsham Magistrates Court in Victoria. I believe on several paid stooges, why else would they plead guilty to scenes filmed on a film set.

    The next video , several months later, of a minor entertainer holding a lamb covered in blood, which looked realistic but turned out to be made of foam, which PETA admitted.

   The recent, December 2017 video of more alleged shearing shed abuse has been dismissed by Agriculture Victoria.

   Everything designed to keep the donations rolling in.