16. Dec, 2017


   Merino lambs have been successfully mulesed since the 1930’s, to prevent fly strike, a deadly ailment.  In the last few years vegan animal liberationlists have been agitating for the abolition of mulesing, with lies about cutting flesh off the lambs, which never happens, and excess cruelty claims. 

    They not only don’t want sheep eaten,but also the wool not used for products. They say that the consumer is demanding non- mulesed meat and wool.

     I asked a butcher on 12th December if he was ever asked for non - mulesed lamb. He said he was once about twelve months ago, I think he said it to humour me.

     Clothing manufacturers are getting into the act with a “hollier than thou “ attitude, they are saying that consumers are demanding it, what a lot of rot.

     There is no one in the world that can tell if wool if wool is from a mulesed or unmulesed sheep. It is very rare for a consumer to go into a store asking about mulesing.

   (a)  They don’t know what it is.

   (b) They are not interested.

   (c) The sales person doesn’t know either.

   (d) On the rare chance that they did know they would naturally say, not mulesed, to get the sale, which would be the only sensible thing to do.

      Manufacturers boast about  Pure New Wool, demanding unmulesed wool as customers allegedly demand,  Pure New Wool can mean anything .  Take Doonas for example, sold as pure new wool, filled with stain crutchings,stain pieces, dag wool- from the day crusher, deadwool, sweeps, any micron will do, Would the customer mind, I don’t know.