27. May, 2014

AWEX Brochure on Dark and Medullated Fibre Removal Scheme,quite funny

         This brochure can be seen on AWEX.com.au. > publications. >. DMFR  > what the mills say.   It lists some terrible scenarios for contamination at four stages in the processing chain, from 10 grams of dark and medullated fibres, allegedly in 10,000 kgs of Wool and 10,000 kgs of poly blend. In this example it is claimed at the fabric stage, where the contamination was found the damage was $ 500,000. At the next stage the damage would have been $ 2,500,000.                                   I would like to know, WHO WEIGHED the 10 grams of contamination, WHY didn't they keep it out. Sounds like bulltish to me. A continuation of the scare campaigns that have been going on forever.     Many years ago I worked with an elderly Wool Classer,  Harry Read or Reade,at Michells Wool Scour, Melbourne. He had been an appraiser for the Wool Commission during World War 2 As we were checking merino fleece wool before scouring (something that doesn't happen anywhere in the world today) There were seven or eight Wool Classers there, Harry said to no one in particular "What about the neck runners" I replied  " what about them", Harry said " they won't take the dye" I didn't know if this was true or not,but I knew no one cared,so I replied  "stuff the neck runners".        It just goes to show that misleading stories have always been around.