9. Aug, 2014

Jason Baker of PETA, gone home to America.

    Rumour has it that Jason Baker has gone home, hopefully never to return. His and PETAs ridiculous videos of Shearing sheds with him.Hopefully the gullible who believed them are starting to realise they were conned. If their videos had been real, all they had to do to prove there authenticity was tell us the names of the 19 properties, and the names of the shearers.

    Why wouldn't they tell us,obviously because it was all crap.

30. Jun, 2014

A.S.I.C. Query's Elders Australia Pty Ltd 27 June 2014

         A.S.I.C. Query of Elders, on share price movements fair enough.

But it's good to see Elders Australia Pty Ltd, a company with a 175 year history, share price going up, after so many years going down, from when for a short period in 1986 it was the largest company in Australia, when it breifly controlled B.H.P..

Lets hope not as many mistakes are made as in the future as in the past 30 years, with the forthcoming call for funds.

It must be very rare for a company to survive 30years of poor governance.  

20. Jun, 2014

Australian Wool Industry fleeced by Chinese and European processors.

    The Australian Wool Industry and the public are being fleeced by China and Europe with Cashmere substitution.

Cashmere sells for 10 to 12 times the price of Australia Wool of the same micron, 19 or finer

China claims to produce from their Provence of Inner Mongolia, 6,500,000.kg of the best Cashmere per year, after removal of dirt and coarse fibres ,valued at $650 million to $975 million.

This would requie 40,000,000. cashmere goats to produce.

Latest figures available only 2,300,000. Cashmere goats in Inner Mongolia.

It is obvious, that Chinese processors are buying Australian wool under 19 micron,and selling it as Cashmere, which is allowable in U.S.A.,where most of the product is sold.

The Euopeans have been doing the same for many years. As well as blending just about all fine merino cardings into Mohair products. Someone has to pay for the Mega Yachts floating around the  Mediterranean Sea.  


12. Jun, 2014

Wool Industry short of students. Misleading story.

                   Wool Industry short of students story, on ABC Rural, 10th June 2014.   

This story is very misleading to prospective students. Wool Classing teacher Matthew Kaluder says.   "Worried about skills shortage" and " there is plenty of work out there".Student Keagan Size says,  he can get regular contract work, "during his holidays".

                   Most people want, and need a regular income.

On A.W.E.X.s own figures,the average registered Wool Classer classes 94 bales per year, barely 1 weeks  work.

                 Where is the shortage?



5. Jun, 2014

Open blog to Australian Wool Growers Associaton.

        Sorry to say, Australian Wool Growers Association, chairman Robert McBride, you are unfortunately way off the mark with ways to minimise costs, by testing wool on farm, then selling by sample at Auction. Then transporting wool from farm to wharf, once sold.

         There are many problems, including corruption that you are evidently not aware of.

 If you took the time to read" THE WOOL STING ", you would forget that you ever had this thought, and learn a lot about Wool Classing that you didn't know.