27. Dec, 2015

S.A Sheep Expo 2016. Will They Mislead Youth ?

    I believe it is morally wrong to encourage gullible 12 to 17 year olds into any industry with misleading information. In this lnstance, with the  S.A Sheep Expo, to be held  April 27-29 2016.

    I hope the instructors make the students aware that the Australian sheep population has dropped over 100,000,000 in the last 25 years. If there was a good future for anyone, the sons and daughters of current farmers wouldn't be heading off farm, and there would be no need for this Expo. 

    They know their parents begrudge paying any wages at all.( even if they can afford it). Many farmers proudly state that they pay, " full award wages", without  realising that " full award wages" are the minimum you can pay, not the maximum.

    All the prospective occupations mentioned in the Expo preamble are not very secure, with lots of unpaid down time, which is not good for anyone. The first one mentioned  - wool preparation -   is typical. With 19,200 Wool Classers registered with the Australian Wool Exchange they can only average four days work each ! per year !. Even Master Classers only average thirteen weeks work per year, on AWEX,s own figures.

    Students should watch the 1975 film " Sunday Too Far Away", a film set in the Wool industry, where the actor playing Mr Dawson, the property owner, gives a good  portrayal of the contempt for employees in this industry.

   If The Federal Court of Australia can be fooled as told in " The Wool Sting", by a large rural company, what hope have 12 to 17 year olds got.