20. Nov, 2015

Australian Wool Inovation's, - Wool Selling System Review, a Flop.

    With the 1st anniversary on the 10th Dec 2015 of the release of the issues paper for the Wool Selling Systems Review, it might be a good time to look at what a complete waste of time, and Australan Wool Inovation money, it has been. As not one sensible word has come out of it.

    The original reason for the review, " to save costs from shearing shed to ship ", was never going to save more than a few cents per bale, if that.

    That should have been understood by all in five minutes. Then this gravy train should have been stopped. But it wasn't, there was the shift to the Wool Exchange Portal, another convoluted waste of time, pushed by people who don't know much about wool.

    The. W.S.S.R.received only  68  submissions, compared with 633 by The Wool Taskforce in 1999. Which must mean something ? Of which the most memorable to me from 1999 was from, R. Billings of  Broken Hill. N.S.W..woolgrower, under main points," No justification for wool classing, but wool preparation needs to be improved ". Anyone who doesn't laugh at that must be dead.  

    The Wool Taskforce said on page A 6.1 of it's  report. "  The following list is far from complete, but it contains the major reports starting with the Phillip Report in 1962. It contains 55 reports ". Then lists them over three pages till February 1999. Nearly all accomplished nothing.

     There is nothing basically wrong with the current selling system, just how it operates.

     Wool is the only product where preparation standards have been allowed to fall, while all other products, agriculural and non agricultural that I know of, have been improving their quality control for many years.

     Historically 1% to 3% of all wool presented for auction was poorly prepared. When the Department of Primary Industry had an inspector on the show floors in Victoria, he did nothing. Then when the Code of Practice booklet for the Preparation of Australian Wool Clips came out in July 1986 and 1989, with an example of a classers specification showing 54 bales of fleece, 5 bales of pieces, 4 bales of bellies and 2 bales of locks ! What genius drew that up, I don't know.

     This was an invitation to get a bit rougher. Then came the push for not skirting at all, an absolutely stupid idea. But two major Wool Brokers pushed it through. So now possibly 20% of wool is not properly prepared.


   1. Read the Wool Buyers submissions to both the W.S.S.R. Issues Paper, and the Discussion Paper, they are the ONLY ones that are worth reading, and really matter.

    2. To obtain the highest possible price, the highest possible standards must be applied to wool preparation 

    3. To restrict a large number of buyers from inspecting your wool is stupid,

    4. Sale by description, or without sample and on farm testing are all ridiculous ideas. No Wool Buyer will pay top money for wool presented in any of these ways.

    5. We need to return to the method of displaying pieces and bellies after the fleece lines of the clip, if available. This really shows how a clip has been classed.

    6. I hope I never again see or hear the phrase " Self Regulation ", if that worked we wouldn't need a Police Force.