24. Aug, 2015

Wool Testing Has Always Been A Lottery. Part 4.

  Part three was a unique occurrence, there were hundreds of instances where it only happened once, totalling thousands of bales. It cannot happen today as there is no subjective selling. Buyers  know and won't buy that way.

  The testing discrepances still go on. i.e. Take the Elders Supreme Southern Clip of the Year 2014 - 2015, announced  at Sheepvention at Hamilton ," Thurles"   of Melville Forest.

             Fleece,   Yield.   71.5. %.    Vegetable  matter.   1.1   % 

             Pieces,         ".    55.1.%.           ".             ".           4.9.  %

             Bellies.         ".    54.3. %           ".              ".          4.5.  %

       This should of rung alarm bells.

  This  was a terrible result for the Grower, the pieces as they usually do for clips of this type and style should have yielded around 60 to 62 % and the v.m. 2.0 to 2.5%. That is what they normally look like visually and should test. But many don't for no apparent reason, and cost the grower 100 to 130 cents per kg. greasy.

  It cannot be said that clip was very lightly skirted, as there was more than two bales of pieces for every bale of bellies. The ratio of fleece, to pieces, to bellies, is normal. 

  It is time to investigate a reliable modern method of testing wool for benefit of Wool Growers.