9. Aug, 2015

Wool Testing, Has Always Been a Lottery. Part 2.

As previously stated, no wool tested twice ever gets the same results twice. To prove this wool must be repacked with a different Brand and the A.W.T.A.  not advised.

If a standard wool lot is queried, the first think A.W.T.A. wants to know is brand and lot number, then they will know their original test, and if retest is within 0.4 micron either side of the original it is " confirmed ". You cannot find out what it actually is, yield and vegetable matter similar.

From 1972 till  about 1978 when subjective selling died out, wool could be bought with objective measurement certificate that did not do the wool subjective justice. Certificate discarded, the wool repacked with a new brand and sold subjectively, the way it had been for over 100 years.

A lot of Wool Growers who have always been, " down on middle men", didn't realise that they were benefiting by this extra competition. The middle man/dealer would be paying more than the processor was going to pay on any wool he bought, and pushing the processor higher on wool he didn't buy. All to the Growers and Australia's benefit.