6. Aug, 2015

Wool Testing, Has Always Been a Lottery. Part 1

Wool selling was always a lottery with subjective selling.

But it still is a lottery today with Objective measurement and selling. Contrary to popular opinion, probably more so.

Measurements can vary widely, which can be seen if the same wool is tested twice, unbeknown to the Australian Wool Testing Aurthority, the testing company.

NEVER has wool tested twice this way, returned the same results in micron or yield, which naturally can have a big bearing on it's value.

When Wool was all sold subjectively prior to 1972, Wool Buyers were highly skilled at estimating micron, yield and vegetable matter, and "style " was important. Now style means nothing. When sale by objective measurement started, some very stylish wools got poor test results, they would sell to the results, and the Grower would do poorly.  If some wools that didn't look so good, got a good result the grower would still get a good price, and win.