30. Jul, 2015

Jock Munro Gets Something Right.

  I don't usually agree with Jock Munro, I gave his submission to the W.S.S.R. only 2/10. I gave 33 of the 68 submissions at least 10/10.

  But he is right saying in "The Weekly Times" that the W.S.S.R. forum is an exercise in spin, as has every other report over the years.  See," Diversity and Inovation for Australian Wool" 1999, which received over 650 submissions.      ( one of which is a gem from  Robin Billings of Broken Hill NSW, Wool Grower, which said . " Current rise in shearing costs is a disgrace. No justification for wool classing, but wool preparation needs to be improved.")      How's that?    The report also tells us there had been at least 55 reports between 1962 and February 1999. All as usual achieved nothing.

  The way forward is to improve the currant system by improving quality control of all preparation,which is what Wool Buyers want. Abandoning all the stupid ideas of selling unskirted / unclassed wools, because a few Growers think they can save money.