19. Jul, 2015

The Battle For The Best Way to Sell Greasy Wool.

   The battle for the best way to sell wool is very convoluted. Many high tech promotors have come forward with their ideas of how to sell with their technology, all claiming their methods would be the most cost effective. Some of these companies evidently sell other products successfully, but none of them know anything about wool.

    They claim they can sell wool efficiently, but at what price?  Which is the most important reason for selling?  No point selling if it is not the best possible price.

     All of their sale methods seem to be, change for changes sake.

     Elders, submission to the Wool Selling Systems Review, gave a list of 14  wool trading,  selling alternatives, all devised and promoted by them over several years, all failures as their submission admits.

     That should tell us that  sale by Auction is the best system, but it does need some fine tuning.

     A good start would be an improvement in the presentation of the product to the buyers. That means all wool should be skirted and properly classed, unskirted and unclassed wools should be banned from Auction.

    No other commodity or product has gone has gone backwards in preparation as wool has over the last twenty years. All we ever hear about in other products is " Improve quality".

    Once unskirted fleece wool was a serious offence in the Wool Industry, until the two major  Wool Broking companies forced a change. The reason given was saving costs, but it has lowered prices. Most Wool Buyers want straight even lines of wool. Mixed or unclassed are therefore discounted with far less competition, and is not helped by the lottery that is Wool Testing.