4. Jul, 2015

Stephen Rice of I- Trade Wool, Plans Do Not Excite Me.

   Stephen Rice of  I-Trade Wool, has gained some media coverage this week with his views on Wool Selling techniques, which is the same as outlined in his submission to the Wool Selling Systems Review.

   I read this submission in February  and commented On 4th March 2015,--  Nice graphics. Rubbish content, score 0/10. A rereading confirms this assessment, and that he knows nothing about wool.

   One of the main mistakes is saying on page 14 that over 50% of mainstream Wools can be sold without a sample displayed. Try telling that to the Authors of the 33 submissions, mostly from Wool Buyers who say they wouldn't buy wool without a sample. I or anyone else would buy wool without a sample if we were positive, it was "cheap".

   On page 15 he mentions "stored wool on farm " until it is sold then shipping it from there. This is ridiculous and is NEVER going to happen. Where is the security.