24. Jun, 2015

Wool Merchant Hard Done By, on Reading of International Wool Textile Oganisation Report.

  Ian Kenneth McLean, Wool Merchant was definitely hard done by on 28th April 2015, in bale tampering case in The Magistrates Court in Melbourne.

 Although he pleaded guilty, (it is impossible for a defendant to win in cases of this type) to falsely altering brands to make it appear the wool was from one property, instead of two or more.

    There was evidently nothing wrong with the Micron or Yield of the wool involved, just different dust colours. Which as reclassed/ bulk classed wool was claimed by complainant to be worth 50c to 80c per kg., ( easily exaggerated) less than wool from one clip.

   But once scoured would not make one iota of difference as explained in report from I.W.T.O. Which said on page one of an eleven  page report.



                                            INTERNATIONAL WOOL TEXTILE ORGANISATION

TECHNOLOGY & STANDARDS COMMMITTEEE                                                         NICE  MEETING     

     Commercial Technology Forum.                                                                       November  2001                                                                                                              

  Chairman. A.G.DE BOOS (Australia).                                                           Report No :    CTF. 03  

   Technical Coordination.      (   )          

           Processing of Classed Grower and Bulk Classed Lots of Different Uniformity Index.      


                                           A.W.T.A. Ltd,   CSIRO,  The Woolmark Company.    


   Mini consignments of wools matched for measured Raw Wool properties, but with different Uniformity Indices,were processed to top at CSIRO, Textile and Fibre Technology. The Findings were.      

      -  No real differences were noted between wools with different UI's in either their processing performance or in the quality of their tops for the quality characteristics measured.      

      -  There were NO differences between the preparation of the Sale Lots, I.e., whether Classed Grower or Bulk Class in processing performance or product quality characteristics measured.

                               And so it continues for 11 pages.

    Thus making the complaint very minor, and the penalty excessive.