29. May, 2015

Comparing Two Wool Substitution Court Cases.

It is very interesting comparing the April 28  2015 finding in the Magistrates Court against Ian K McLean, with the 2004 finding of the Federal Court in B.W.K.- Elders Australia P/L. V  Westgate Wool Company P/L. both relating to alleged Wool substitution.

In the latest instance the defendant pleaded guilty, he stood to make $3,000 to $5,000 profit, and was fined $15,000. Though it was misleading of the prosecution to say complainants had lost $58,000, which was the value of the Wool if it had been one growers lot as the branding claimed. As it was, it was still worth at least $53,000, to them.

In the second instance, about three times as much wool involved. Respondents pleaded not guilty, civil case in the Federal Court of Australia . Case dragged on for three years till respondents bankrupt, thus could not defend charges. Meanwhile the applicant had the perfect opportunity to swap the wool in question For inferior wool as described in"The Wool Sting" . 

Respondents fined $ 1,833,609      Where is the justice in either case.