15. Apr, 2015

Wool Selling System Review, Summary so far.

  67. Westcoast Wools.                        Says it all.                                                 12/10

  68. Woolconnect Ltd.                 A bit naive.                         6/10

   As I forecast on 1st Feb. 2015, this Wool Selling System Review will be a waste of time. The basic problem is in the reason for the review as stated. " Saving costs from the Shearing Shed to the Ship" . This cannot be done to any appreciable extent without lowering the price of wool received .  After reading 68 submissions there is NOT ONE, with any idea of how to reduce costs, in any meaningful way, except by poorer  clip presentation.

But all is not lost.

   There are 33 submissions which explain the importance of proper classing and presentation, nearly all from Buyers. After reading these any person who suggests or promotes Sale by description / without sample or unskirted, or all in, is definitely an idiot, and that is being kind.

   So fine-tune the present system to suit Buyers, and receive higher prices. The costs between a well classed clip and a poorly prepared one are insignificant, when you receive the best possible price.