7. Apr, 2015

Continuation of Opinion of Submissoions to W.S.S.R.

 54. New England Wool Pty Ltd.

           Says it all.                                                                                                           12/10

 55. Techwool Trading Pty Ltd.                  Ditto.                                                             12/10

 56.  Tianya Wool.Pty Ltd.

                   Weak effort for such a large company.                             6/10

 57.  N.S.W. Farmers Association.           Nothing positive.       0/10

 58.  Auction plus.

    Long advertisement, a snow job. Complicated no advantage for wool.       4/10      

 59.  MotoNiro & Co Ltd.            Brief, but spot on.                                                             10/10

 60.  Australian Wool Exchange Limited.

          Know what they are talking about.                                                                             10/10      

  61.  Australian Counci of Wool Exporter & Processors Inc. 

                     Very thorough, over long.                                                                               10/10

  62.  Sistema Moda Italia and Italian Wool Trade Association.

               Very clear and precise.                                                                                         10/10

  63.  Private Treaty Wool Merchants of Australia.        A history lesson.                      8/10

  64.  Australian Superfine Woolgrowers Association. 

        Dissapointing, page 9." Inevitably the bulk of the clip will eventually be sold by description". They forgot to say,  - only at lower prices. Reading pages 12 to 85 one could go mad.  0/10

  65.  Jemalong Wool Pty Ltd.      Tells it how it is.                                                               12/10

  66.  Western Australian Farmers Federation.

      Probably the meanest organisation in Australia, squealed like stuck pigs when A.W.E.X. charges went up by 20 cents a BALE, several years ago. Nothing constructive.        0/10