4. Mar, 2015

An Opinion of the Submissions to the Wool Selling Systems Review.

And a Score out of 10, by Woolman, email ,     woolmanaus@gmail.com

         The Full Submissions can be read at,             wool.com/WSSR

1.   I C S . Mr Andrew Woods,  Obviously has never classed a bale of wool. Far to much history. Then " unskirted preparation with quality control", in the same sentence     2/10

2 Kym Baty. Dissapointing that a Master Classer has never been on a Wool Show Floor. 3/10

3 Don Pratley.  Trying to reinvent the wheel.       1/10

4 David Abbott.  Has a lot to learn.    2/10

5 A & J Farran. Want  to overcome the need for physical display, and change everything else as well.                                  1/10

6 John Buxton.   At least trying to push prices up.           6/10

7 A.W.T.A.   Just a list of their services, the list on page 11 very interesting, showing costs of 210c  per kg,           If the W.S.S.R . can shave 5% off that, without lowering prices received, I will walk to Bourke                           2/10

8 Peter Small.    Super Submission, could not criticise a word.                                             10/10

9 Richard Bell. " Professionally prepared unskirted", a contradiction in terms.   0/10

10 Edward H Wymer.  Modesty prevents scoring this submission.

11 Colin Agar.      "Unskirted merino fleece, and high quality control "                  0/10

12 R B Crawford.       Quite interesting.                                6/10

13 Australian Merino Exports Pty Ltd & United Wool Company Pty Ltd.            " Wool Classer" only mentioned once in 24 pages, still a  Super submission.                                                         10/10

14 Fred Tuddenham.   Evidently aware of the " skullduggery " that can go on.                       10/10

15 W.C.Freeman.   Far too much history, visiting woolen mills will teach you nothing. Scours are the places to visit.                                                      1/10      

16  Pastoralists & Graziers Association of WA.   Quite interesting and impressive.      8/10

17  Symbotic Pty Ltd.  24 pages of convuluted rubbish, except maximising income. 2/10      

18  John Roberts.   "Classer Supervised Unskirted Wool"                      1/10

19  Dr John Williams.           In the right direction.                        6/10

20  Edward. H. Wymer.   Modesty prevents scoring this submission.

21. G.Schneider Australia Pty Ltd.          Another  super submission .                                    10/10

22. David Ritchie.         Another super submission .                                                               10/10

23  David Upperton.      Against the  " D " certificate, that's good.                           7/10

24  Raymond Ltd India.  Says 60% of their costs get to the Grower, so only way to increase that is higher prices.                                                                                                             8/10

25  Ag Concepts Unlimited Pty Ltd.    If the trade wants 75 mm wool, no point in telling the Wool Classer if the clip is 100 mm.                                            5/10

26  Alister McDougall   " Superior Tops can be made from pretested, virtually all in wool preparation".  Crap.  Also wants the Selling System to pay for mechanically assisted shearing. Why, another cost.                                  0/10

27  Alix Turner.      Convuluted, Beware of "Sealed Bid Auction",   Economic  Wool Producers  told Wool Growers that they would receive the highest bid.   E.W.P. told Buyers they would get the lot at one minimum bid above the second highest bid.                       0/10

28  N.C.W.S.B.A.Inc.  No suggestions for savings from shed to ship, because it's basically impossbile.                                                                                                                       10/10                    

29 Australian Wool Network. Similar to above. " Non-Conforming preparation methods defy commercial logic".                                                                                                             10/10

30. Nekan Trading (Pty) Ltd.        An advertisement for their product.       0/10

31 John Coughlan.  "WOW", a great submission, the best by far from anyone so far.             12/10                   

32  Modiano Australia.           Super Submission.                                                                   10/10

33  Elders.   Pathetic submission,  A list of 14 Wool processing, trading, selling alternatives, all devised and promoted by them. All failures.                                   0/10

34 Tom Silcock.       A lot of history. But not bad.                                             6/10

35  Victorian Farmers Federatiod.  Submission from, Livestock Group, whatever that means, don't know much about wool.                                                                            3/10

36  WoolProducers Australia.              So So.                                                5/10

37 Allen.F. Sheridan.           Basically correct                                                              9/10

38  I-Trade Wool.     Nice graphics.    Rubbish content.                         0/10

39  Financial & Energy Exchange Ltd.         An advertisement.                   1/10

40  Ausfine Pty Ltd.  Not trying to change everything,just fine tuneing the Auction system. 10/10  

41  Gordon Litchfield.               Similar to Number 40.                                                          10/10

 42. Stephen Blair( Alister Watson).          Fantastic perception.                                            12/10

43. Andrew Dennis.      Covers everything except higher prices.                  8/10

44  Dynon Wools (Aust) Pty Ltd.              Nothing of interest here.           0/10