12. Feb, 2015

Poor response to wool review easy to fathom.

First published in opinion column Weekly Time, February 11  2015.

The Combings and Cardings column (Weekly Times  February 4  2015) tells us there have been six submissions received for the Wool Selling System Review, set up by Australian Wool Innovation.

 It is easy to see why the response has been so poor as experience tells us previous reviews have achieved nothing.

The July 1999 report, " Diversity and innovation for Australian Wool ", received more than 650 submissions. One of which was especially memorable, said in part: "No justification for wool classing, but wool preparation needs to be improved."

In Appendix 6, it stated " the following list is far from complete ", then listed 55 reports into the wool industry starting with the Philip Report in 1962 through till February 1999.

On my quick count, the March 1999 report, " The Australian Wool Industry Recommendations for the Future " received 216 submission. 

Those working on this latest report wil be the only ones to benefit.

Edward Wymer. aka, Woolman, Melbourne .