26. Jan, 2015

More Masterclassers, Why?

  Is it good news that the Australian Wool Exchange is going to train up another fifteen Wool Classers to so called MasterClasser standard, in four days in June 2015 ?

  Masterclass for Wool Classers sounds a rather grandiose scheme, in relation to the true position of the Wool Classer in the Australian Wool Industry. 

  On A.W.E.X's own figures, Australia's currant 180 Masterclassers the " creme de la creme " class on average 1,322 bales per year. About thirteen weeks work. With the other 18,820 plus registered  Wool Classers, on A W E X figures classing on average 80 bales per year, about four days work.

  Who would want to be a Wool Classer with that outlook. The only ones making money today Wool Classing, are those teaching it.