13. Jan, 2015

Wool Classing outlook bad.

    In response to several requests for my opinion on the outlook for Wool Classers into the future, I will explain.

1   Overall the outlook is BAD. The chances of making a decent living, Wool Classing, is nil. Contrary to Australia's Career Imformation Website, which is pure garbage, and they should be prosecuted for publishing misleading Imformation.

2.  The only people who may make a reasonable living from Wool Classing, are those teaching it.

3.  On the Registrar of Wool Classers, The Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX), own figures, the average registered Wool Classer, and you MUST be registered, classes 91 bales of wool per YEAR. 

4.  That is just four to five days work in a four stand Shearing Shed. Believe me I know what I am talking about, having classed, re-classed or tipped out, an average of 6,500 bales per year for 39 years.

5    As we all know, Wool Growers say they have been doing it tough for many years, so they don't like paying for anything. Which is fair enough, but when it comes to paying wages most will brag about how they pay " Full award wages". Most don't seem to realize that full award wages are the minimum they can pay, not the maximum.

6  if you are lucky or unlucky enough to find some classing in a local Shearing Shed, the owner usually likes to round the account down, which makes it below the award. With a contractor you rarely have this problem.

7   Don't ever ask a Bank Manager for a loan if your occupation is, Wool Classer.