19. Dec, 2014

Mark Mortimer, looking in the wrong direction ?

Mark Mortimer is obviously concerned about wool quality and improvements to be gained anywhere, but he may be looking in the wrong direction.

Mark have you ever considered that the testing of all wool has always been a lottery, in the main price determinants of micron, yield and vegetable matter. I am sure you would have seen some results in the past that you found surprising, I have seen hundreds of examples.

In the years when there was both Sale by Sample and Traditional Sale, money was made buying wool with poor results, micron or yield, or both together was money for jam. Then selling by Traditional Sale, which was of benifit to Australia, but cannot be done now.

Test results could vary by up to two to three microns either way from the visual, and yield by up to 10% either way. It still happens but it is impossible to sell by traditional means now.

A lot of pieces and bellies from Western Victoria at this time were testing 4.0 % to 7.0 % V.M. Yet it was hardly visible to the eye. With a different brand and sold traditionally every one was happy, perhaps not the grower.

But as the Buyers say, " it all averages out". Australian Wool Testing Authority will not give retest results, just confirmed if within 0.4 of a micron, either side of original test, which could mean a lot of money at times.

After fifty years, Wool Testing needs to be overhauled, don't you think Mark.