21. Nov, 2014

The National Wool Declaration, on mulesing status, useless.

The National Wool Declaration (NWD) on mulesing status is useless, but worth filling in, being broken down into three divisions, NM,  CM, and  PR, is a load of crap.

The whole idea is just another way of pushing prices down, if the NWD is not provided.

There has been several methods to bring this about over the years. One was a Wool buyer from The Netherlands who was lamenting the lack of lines of Broken, and said he would pay a premium for them, his premium was a half cent over the next highest bidder.

But If Wool Manufactuers want NWD's today, give them to them. Why not ? We would, and all Wool Growers should always answer the questions on the NWD form as follows.

Has mulesing ceased on this property.                                   Yes.

Contact with shedding breeds .                                               No. 

Mob crutched.                                                                         Yes.

Crutched Within three months prior to shearing.                     Yes.

Mulesing status.                                                                       N.M.

What could be simpler than that, we are sure your sheep won't mind, and Wool Growers can only benifit, admittedly not much.