17. Nov, 2014

Cost Benifit Analysis of Australian Wool Inovation, a Joke.

   The article sighted on line late last week, which stated that if every Shearer shore one sheep a day more, the savings would be $990,000 per year, to the Australian Wool Industry would be  nearly the biggest load of garbage we have read on the Wool Industry since June 2004. We replied to the article but it has been taken down. That Australian Wool Inovation wastes money on this stupid cost benifit analysis is amazing.   

Take for example, four shearers in an average shed of 5,000 shearing 560 sheep per day would take 8.93 days, or shearing 564 sheep would take 8.86 days. Not a cent would be saved anywhere, except in the electricity.

We were told that Australian Wool Inovation, paid BDA Group to work out this rubbish.  This is incredible, and a complete waste of money.