6. Nov, 2014

Wool Classers, cop the blame, what about Wool Buyers.

We regularly here of Wool Classers getting the blame for poorly prepared wools. It is not always their fault. Many times it is the Wool Buyers fault, pushing inferior wools up a style or two to make more money, the cause of most of these problems. We remember an anecdote where a buyer was sending doggy wool, (off old sheep) to Mexico and everything going smoothly. Then the market fell and they could send the correct wool for a similar profit. Then the Sh.. hit the fan.

  Many Wool Buyers when on the Show Floor or in the Sale Room have been heard to say, " It's for the So and So's they wouldn't know the difference" or " It's for the So and So's their bastards". When Russia was a big buyer when they were in Afganistan, it was the Wool Buyers who would often stipulate on their shipping orders for the Wool Broker to delete part of the description. e.g. com, cbk, fx , mx, pcs, tnd. Leaving only the. AAA.  Which was not the Wool Classers intention, their registration stencil was never blacked out as well, with various ramifications. As the wool was tipped into the infeed of the Woolscour usually by unskilled labour, any mistakes, it was the Wool Classer who got the blame.