20. Oct, 2014

19,000. Registered Australian Wool Classers?

     In a press release on Oct 14. 2014. The Australian Wool Exchange, boasted of reaching a milestone of 19,000. Registered Wool Classers in Australia !  They used to claim 40,000, when the clip peaked at 5,000,000 bales.

      Now with the clip at 2,000,000 bales per year 13% sold unclassed, which is a disgrace,but another story, leaving 1,740,000. to be classed by 19,000. Wool Classers. Unlike the A.W.E.X  I don't see this as a positive, if true.   91 Bales per year for each Wool Classer is about four days work in an average four stand shed. How could they possible be proficient, without the consideration of earning a decent living.

      To be called a Master Wool Classer with the A.W.E.X. one needs to class a minimum of 400 bales in one year, about four weeks work in an average Shearing Shed .      

  After Classing and Reclassing an average of 6,500 bales per year over 39 years. In Wool Brokers, Shearing Sheds, As and for Wool Merchants and in Wool scouring plants, for a total of 255,000.bales,of which 160,000. were in Wool scouring plants, I find this amusing, where was everyone else? 

      Anyone who only classes for a few days per year is an Amateur, not a Professional. I know that everyone in the Wool Industry thinks that they can class, i.e. all Wool Buyers think they can, but what I have seen they are very amateurish, all use the catch phrase "it all averages out", except one that I knew.