29. Sep, 2014

Federal Court of Australia. Conned in

B.W.K.-Elders Australia Pty Ltd.   V.  Westgate Wool Company Pty Ltd  [2004]  FCA. 962.

To immortalise an incident in the history of a 175 year old iconic company.

     " The  Wool  Sting " 

A new book describing how a large multinational company, destroyed a small private company by selectively misleading the Federal Court of Australia, over a three year period. By the final hearing defendants bankrupt and could not defend themselves 

This book was written and published by the proprietor Woolman.biz because the story presented to the Federal Court of Australia, did not jell with his 39 years of full time experience of full time experience of handling wool in all facets of the Wool Industry. 

The Author is a past State and Federal councillor of the Wool Classers Association of Australia. Leader of a delegation to Japan following Deputy Prime Minister, John McEwan and premier Western Australia , Sir David Brand. To a Woolscouring plant, Kanematsu Top,near Nagoya. To ascertain what their problems were with Wool Classing by Australian Wool Classers.