11. Sep, 2014

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Dishonest.

   I had always thought People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA. sounded,"Ethical", themselves. All their films and stories which I have seen seemed to show they were honest and conscientious  in subjects which I did not have first hand knowledge. Most of their stories were quite impressive.

   Until now.

   But when Jason Baker, of PETA comes into my country, Australia, with his bag of crap, false, doctored videos purported to be filmed in 19 Australian Shearing Sheds, of which he will not give the names of any of them, proving they do not exist. Where all the alleged shearers have their faces pixilated, as they are not real shearers. All the filming having been done in film studios.

   I say this would have to be the lowest, meanest, most fraudulent, crooked, dishonest organisations I have ever heard of. With their well produced films designed to solicit donations from the gullible public. So this immediately casts doubt over all their other videos, which one does not have first hand knowledge of.

  What a money making racket this has proved to be. How this has not created a wider ranging outrage is beyond me.