3. Sep, 2014

PETA . A fraudulent organisation.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals , has proved with their silence on the requests to name the 19 properties, and the alleged shearers in their pixilated video, that the whole stunt was a set up. The aim of their story is obviously to  raise money from the gullible, with evidently some success. 

PETA's videos I have always found quite good and convincing,and I guess they are to anyone not involved the subject being filmed. But when I see the video on the Australian shearing industry,and I know it to be 100% rubbish, it makes you wonder about the others.

Their videos would need to be good to extract money from the public,which evidently they have been doing for I don't know how long.

An enquiry into the Australian shearing industry video would be very interesting.