30. Jul, 2014

PETA. Where Is The Proof.

  Jason Baker of PETA Australia, to be given prominence in Weekly Times, July 23, 2014, is a disapointment. For someone who is blatantly dishonest when writing of documented proof, where is it. He writes of 19 Shearing sheds in 3 states of Australia, and won't give us the names of any of them. I don't believe they exist.

  Video footage of 235 alleged incidents in Victoria alone, is a joke. Who are the authorities it was given to. PETA pixilated the alleged shearers faces. Why. Who knows what they could do with editing if they can do that. Along with the Shearing shed in a large Marquee, a film set!

  No Wool Growers would allow their sheep to be treated in this way, they are worth too much money for a start.

  Jason Baker is deceptive by not divulging his nationality as American.(confirmed by one of their web sites). But when he writes of, Crew Supervisors, he gives the game away. Obviously he has been sent to Australia at considerable expense, if he doesn't produce videos of the type depicted he has wasted PETAs money. I would suggest he go back, holiday over. I will give him one good old Australian word that describes him perfectly, which he will not forget, Drongo.