19. Jul, 2014

PETA story on Wool Shearing all lies.

   It seems from all the comments on this story, that they fall into two categories. Those that know nothing about the Wool Industry, support PETA. Those that are involved in the industry, they all disagree with PETA.  I am in the later group. The whole story doesn't jell with me.

1. Why are the alleged shearers faces pixilated ?

2. What are the names of the 19 properties ?

3. Where is the alleged shearing shed which is in a large White Marquee set up as a film set?

4. The alleged hammer, if real, would have killed that lamb with one blow !

5. The narrator talks of eye gouging, more rubbish, every shearer covers the left eye of the sheep with the palm of his hand when doing the long blow along the back of the sheep. I did not see any eye gouging. Also narrator wrong again, flesh never sewn, just the skin.

6. The alleged shearer punching the sheep rapidly in the face eight times, made no sense as the sheep was not struggling and in the correct position.

7. If PETA can pixilate film, they could do anything with editing!

I have occasionally seen sheep being stitched up as shown, what should the shearer have done,let it straight out into the paddock, or called the Flying Doctor.

I am a staunch  enviromentilist and know some PETA operatives do good work with some wild animals. But in this episode the PETA operatives are liars,and in a good old Australian term, Drongos. I would like to see PETA answer the above questions, but that is unlikely.