13. Jul, 2014

Fruit and Vegetable Labelling Laws a Farce.

Fruit and Vegetable labelling laws, are not the only ones in the food area that are farcical as mentioned on front page of Weekly Times July 9 2014. We have also seen Fish, Pork, Olive oil, Honey and bread in a similar position.

They all got out of trouble, big business tends to do that. With money and attrition. 

All labelling is suspect, with producers, manufacturers and traders getting away with as much as they can. That is human nature.

The Textile industry also treats labelling laws with contempt, with locks and crutch  sold as Lambs wool or Mohair products. Some Fine Merino wools finish up as, or in Cashmere and Mohair products.

Over 30 years ago, I read that China was the Worlds biggest producer of Watches. Have you ever seen a watch with "Made in China" ? I have seen one, and I have been looking that long.  Is a Holden made in Asia still a Holden. The World is full of lies unfortunately.

      The words Farce and Labelling are interchangeable .