3. Jul, 2014

Comment, Stock and Land, declined to print. Jul. 2, 2014

     Regarding story on Wool Producers,Norm and Pip Smith of Glenwood Merinos, Wellington, N.S.W. Lamenting that about 10 retailers/processors had visited their property, some had bought a consignment of wool, but there had been no follow up.

               Hasn't the penny dropped. Look at it from the processors point of view. 

     1. Testing not done on an I.W.T.O. approved core line.

     2.  Risky, In numerous ways. Potential to substitute different wool, see"The Wool Sting".

     3. Time consuming, huge travelling costs.

     4. Inefficient, that is why selling centres have fallen to 3 in Australia.

     5. Wool processors are only interested in the cheapest wool for their purposes.

I am sure you are very proud of your wool growing heritage, and I applaud that and would find it very interesting myself. But unfortunately the World is not very interested. I hope you find these comments enlightening, and wish you every success in the future.