Story told to Federal Court was suspicious, and did not jell.

  •        My authority for writing this story come from my experience as a Professional Wool Buyer and Wool Classer in all spheres of the Wool Industry. Shearing Shed Classing,  re classing, bulk classing  and for scouring. I have personally classed or tipped out and checked a total of 255,000 bales ofwool, over 39 years. Second to none ? I believe..17 years of which I was working as, or for, Wool Merchants businesses, re classing poorly classed wools for improved returns. All of this Wool had already been classed, but poorly, by registered Wool Classers, and sold through the Auction system. Where all wool was supposed to be well  classed, by professional Wool Classers, not like today. when 13% is sold unclassed, which is a disgrace, and was never allowed in the past.

               I am a past State and Federal Councillor of The Australian Wool Classers Association, Victorian/Tasmanian Branch, and for many years registered with the Australian Wool Corporation later the Australian Wool Exchange. I am passionate about honest and correct classing of the Australian wool clip.

                   Edward Wymer. 


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