"THE WOOL STING" .How B.W.K-Elders Australia Pty Ltd , Destroyed, Westgate Wool Company Pty Ltd, in The Federal Court of Australia .


        BWK Elders ( Australia) Pty Ltd. V.  Westgate Wool Company Pty Ltd.

         Starting  [ 2001]  FCA  1110 (6 August 2001)

          Finished.   [2004]  FCA  962   (25 June  2004 )       


      How Did They Get Away With That.?



The law of might is the law of right,

                                                                 Marcus Clarke    1845 - 1881

   All truth passes through three stages.

       First, it is ridiculed.              

                                                           Second, it is violently opposed.   

                                                   Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.  

                                                                             Arthur Schopenhauer.    1788 - 1860


       This ebook, a true story about Wool Industry deception, of how a large multi national company, B.W.K.- Elders Australia.P/L. destroyed, Westgate Wool Company P/L. through financial attrition, and lies, and how all of the vital details put before The Federal Court of Australia,  by the applicant,  were not challenged, as no defence presented. The defendants were bankrupt so could not defend themselves,  after three years of  preliminary litigation, the court was snowed, conviction was assured.

       They were fined AUD$ 1,833,609.

        The story will be of great interest to those, involved or interested in civil law, and the Wool Industry. Discussions welcomed.

                Edward Wymer.    aka.  Wool Man.    

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                                             The Wool Sting. an ebook